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Change your routine during the day, eat lunch somewhere new, take new ways to work, hangout or lunch with different people, go for a run in the middle of the night 

We are Eternal Partners Business Solutions

Know more about us

Eternal Partners Business Solutions has been established and launched in 2019 to offer services that not only provide you with value for money but also great experience while at it.

While travelling experiences are always different; the owners of the company have travelled the world and have personal experience to share when travelling Africa, Europe and the United States.

What Do We Offer

We are a small company with a diverse service offering in traveling

Shuttle, Tours & Transfers

We provide reliable and economic shuttle services , tours and transfers

Wildlife and Safari Tours

We provide overnight and/ or day tours, safaris and holiday packages all over the world


We do flights booking for all clients who are traveling to different places, we do everything while you relaxed or preparing your trip.

Visa Assistants

We assist you with anything related to visa , including Applications


We help you book accommodation to any where you want to be. we do full bookings for you

Other Services we Offer

We also provide catering services

Catering services

We always make sure that your event have everything as we also Hire out- Mobile freezers, Hire out- Mobile Toilets, Butchery Services

We provide butchery services and Provide ice cubes (individuals and bulk)

Our Travel Newsfeed

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Our Partnership with Tshwane Tourism

Our company is now an official member of Tshwane tourism association, you can also visit

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